Bridget Brown

A young woman with Down Syndrome
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Who am I?

Bridget is a young woman with Down Syndrome. She is a popular speaker and actress who specializes in:
        • Person-Centered Planning and Self-Determination
        • Inclusion Strategies
        • Adapting Curriculum
        • Diversity  & Disability Awareness
        • Advocacy

The reason why I decided to do my website as a butterfly for change:

Imagine I am the butterfly that is social that can make a difference in the world

Image that I was born as a caterpillar and turned into a butterfly.

You can see a person with a disability as a caterpillar that changes into a butterfly.

"Butterfly for Change" can help people with disabilities and can communicate in many different ways about how to live a life and don’t give up your wings.

Bridget Brown is a public speaker and workshop presenter

Bridget is a successful young woman who captures the attention of everyone she meets with her vitality and confidence. Bridget redefines the term “inclusion” by being the first person with Down Syndrome to be included in her school district. She graduated in 2005 as a result of this very successful school experience. She is a national public speaker and shares tools and strategies she used to be successfully included. She also is a person centered planning coach and works with young adults with disabilities to help them find their own voice.

In addition to her workshops and keynote speaking engagements, Bridget also
works as part of a grant through the Illinois Council on Developmental Disabilities. She helps young adults with disabilities learn how to present at their own IEP meetings, set goals, and speak with self determination. Bridget has been trained as a PATH/MAP facilitator with Managing the Art of Living and she is a graduate of the STARS advocacy program through the ARC of Illinois. 

Bridget recently became a Dental Health Educator at University Of Illinois Chicago Campus. One day a week she travels down to Chicago and teaches young patients how to care for their teeth. She also works several days a week in her father's dental office as an assistant. She helps make molds, records probe measurements and restocks supplies. As you can tell, Bridget leads a full and productive life, keeping busy with work, church and hobbies such as reading, drawing, and writing her memoirs.

Bridget has used a person centered planning process (MAPS/PATH PROCESS) to present at her own IEP meetings beginning in 8th grade. Bridget believes that every student should present at their own IEP meetings. She teaches students how to collect their thoughts and share their hopes and dreams with others. She shows others how to use a tool that helps design positive and possible lives. Bridget explains how she presents at her meeting and then shows a sample of her presentation. Participants will leave with some tools and strategies that will help every student develop a presentation.

Bridget delivers inspiring keynote speeches. The most popular keynote is DWELL IN THE POSSIBILITIES. This keynote can be adapted for any audience. Bridget's keynotes are very motivational!

Bridget presents with her mother Nancy Brown. This workshop helps teachers and parents learn tried and true adaptations and accommodations that allow students with disabilities equity and access to the general education curriculum. Strategies presented include mini books, graphic webs, previewing, adapting rubrics, and note taking tools.

For more information about how your organization can work with Bridget, please contact us.
Bridget Brown is an actress, and Action Club member, and a Dental Assistant and Health Educator

Bridget has played many roles in plays and musicals. She has starred as Annie in Annie, Jr. and as Frenchie in Grease. Currently she is in rehearsals for the part of Oliver which will be presented on November 20-21, 2010 in LaGrange, Illinois.

Bridget is a member of the Kiwanis Action Club. She participates in fund raisers, community service projects and other events.

Bridget also works as a Dental Assistant at her father's dental practice in Lyons, IL. She assists the hygienist and pours models. She works at the front desk answering the phones and taking appointments. She brings her charm and friendliness to the office on a daily basis.

In addition, Bridget is a Health Educator at the UIC Dental School. She educates children about how to take care of their teeth and live healthy lives.