Bridget Brown

A young woman with Down Syndrome
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My Mission in Life

DARIEN, Ill. (Catholic Explorer) - With tears welling up in her eyes, Bridget Brown uttered, “It’s wrong to kill.” The young woman with Down syndrome was talking with the Catholic Explorer about parents terminating pregnancies after undergoing prenatal screenings and learning their unborn babies have abnormalities.
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Bridget's thoughts on abortion...

Abortion is killing and it’s wrong

Babies are very important in our lives

Open your heart to what God has to say

Respect life ~ God loves us

Think about what you want to do before you make a decision

think you should let all children in your family and include them as they can live a full and productive life.

Once you have a child with a disability, you can make a difference because God loves every one of us and he wants children to live a life to grow up and speak with their clear voice just like me

No one should hate or kill an infant. Let them live a productive life.

Self advocate Bridget Brown has joined the Board of the International Down Syndrome Coalition for Life to help us get the word out there that all life is precious.

The IDSC For Life believes that ALL life is precious.  Many of us are parents of individuals who happen to have Down syndrome.  Most of us learned of the high termination rate of babies in utero, when our children were born.  Some of us found out that our children had Down syndrome while we were pregnant, and were pressured to abort the baby.  Some of us realized the extent to which the abortion issue is used by those who want to “clean out” the gene pool.

Bridget has already been working tirelessly to promote the dignity and respect for all life.  Many are taking notice of her message, and helping her to spread it.
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Bridget would like to share a letter she wrote to the editor of the Washington Post. 

Dear Editor

I am a young woman with Down Syndrome. I am so sad to hear about all the babies with Down Syndrome who are aborted.
I am so grateful that I was not aborted because I have a full and wonderful life!
The world needs to know that I do not “suffer” from Down Syndrome. I believe in the sacred dignity of ALL people. AND Most people I know with disabilities have full and productive lives.
I learned about what Hitler did during the Holocaust. He killed many people because he did not think they had the right to live.
He learned how to kill by killing people with disabilities first. My heart broke when I learned about this at the Holocaust museum.
It seems to me we are doing the same thing to children with disabilities today in our country.
I think this is like genocide – the systematic killing of a whole people or nation.
I wonder why we think Hitler was so horrible when we are doing the same thing he did?
My heart breaks again when I think that I might be the last generation of people with Down Syndrome. The world will never again benefit from our gifts.
Even though I am discouraged – I will continue to hold hope for people with disabilities. And I will continue to pray for all the people who think we don’t have the right to live.

Thank you,
Bridget Brown
Self advocate